How Parnell Law Chambers Provide The Best Criminal and Immigration Lawyer

Criminal and Immigration Lawyer

Are you one of those who are in need of advise to a 刑事律师奥克兰 (criminal lawyer)? Because there are important guidelines for you to be aware especially when moving to a new country. Immigrating to New Zealand is a difficult process; in fact, only a small percentage of people who apply get residency. This is not only because the country has very strict rules about foreigners moving there permanently, but also because many people go about application for immigration the wrong way. This is why you need the help of an experienced immigration law firm like Parnell Law Chambers. They are highly skilled in immigration law and they have helped clients with all kinds of immigration issues, including immigration appeals and they can help you make a permanent move to New Zealand.

The barristers at Parnell Law Chambers aim to make things as easy as possible for their clients. You start by contacting them through their website; alternatively you can call them. They will listen to you in order to understand your issue. They then examine your case to determine the best course of action after which they will explain to you what options are before you. They will guide you through the pros and cons of each to help you make up your mind on the best way to go. They will also help you with your paperwork to make sure that you get it right.

In other words, they will be with you all the way and should your immigration application fail to be successful they will represent you in your immigration appeal.

Parnell Law Chambers are also highly skilled in criminal matters especially those regarding drugs. If you find yourself facing deportation or jail because of drugs you should call them right away. For each criminal case that they handle they conduct a fresh and thorough investigation in order to determine the facts of the case. They will also look for any details that the police may have missed so that they can build a strong case for their client.

The law firm is run by Josiah Wong who is assisted by 2 highly competent and experienced lawyers. Over the years they have handled cases that other law firms are reluctant to touch and with much success. Although they do not guarantee a positive outcome every time, they are able to get the clients the results they desire most of the time. They are familiar with the relevant areas of New Zealand law and when it comes to criminal and immigration law you can be sure that you will not find more competent representation in Auckland.